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Fall Eco-friendly Giftable Items - Hot Pot Handle Holder

Summer is almost over and Fall is fast approaching. The air is starting to feel crisp early in the morning and it is nice to know that another season's change is right around the corner.

For me, Fall brings warm soups, family time together and beautiful seasonal changes as leaves change and start to fall off the tree.

If you are like me and have done a lot of sewing in the Spring/Summer, you have a lot of fabric scraps laying around. This project is not a difficult one but it does require that you are more comfortable with your sewing skills.

You will need:

- Outer fabric piece 6in x 7in

- Inner fabric piece 6in x 7in

- Insul bright insulated batting cut to 6in x 7in (Note: you can use a double layer of fleece if that is all you have on hand)

Hot Pot Holder
Download PDF • 261KB

The follow the video below to put it together.

These make a beautiful giftable item to include as a housewarming gift or just a gift in general for someone who enjoys cooking.


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